Monday, November 7, 2016

SPED class: Week 7

Hello fellow educators!

Welcome to week 7 of SPED310!! WOOOO!!

Here's what I learned this past week. Sorry for the smaller quantity of it. This past week was H-E-double hockey sticks. Stress was coming at me from every angle. Oh joy...anyway, here's what I learned, for your viewing pleasure:

  • INCLUDE strategy
    • Universal design
      • A compatible design for everyone in the classroom, including for those children with special needs.
    • Differentiated design
      • A variety of teaching and learning strategies that are necessary to meet the range of needs evident in any given classroom
    • Steps for INCLUDE strategy:
      1. Identify classroom demands
      2. Note students learning strengths and needs
      3. Check for potential areas of student success
      4. Look for potential problem areas
      5. Use information to brainstorm ways to differentiate instruction
      6. Differentiate instruction
      7. Evaluate student progress
Some questions that I wondered about were:

  • "How can you group all of your students for instruction in inclusive classrooms?"
  • "How is an inclusive classroom managed?"
  • "How can you evaluate instructional materials for inclusive classrooms?"
Thanks for reading!!

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