Saturday, September 24, 2016

SPED class: Week 1

Hellooooo fellow bloggers and blog lovers!

So, I am starting a new class that requires me to post weekly entries on what I have learned. The class is a special education class and focuses on these exceptional students.

This past week I watched a few conference talks that spoke on loving everyone as God’s children no matter their handicap. The talks focused on acceptance and love. I loved these talks! The main points that I gathered from these talks were:

  • Afflictions can come to anyone
  • Never ridicule
  •  Perceptions and assumptions can ruin chances
  • Mortal life is temporary and, measured against eternity, infinitesimally
  • Always have hope for the lost; those who are different, weary, and have strayed
  • Treat everyone with respect and honor

A quote that really hit me from the talks was, “Sometimes those who start out the slowest end up going the furthest.” This quote really hit me because sometimes things in life don’t happen when you want them too. Sometimes road blocks get in the way and block you or someone you love with a huge struggle or barrier, but even if things in your life don’t go according to plan, there can still be joy in the journey. Even if your car breaks down and you have to walk the path, making it feel achingly slow, you’ll still get there. Even with a disability slowing you down, whether physical or mental, you can still make a life for yourself and end up going further then you ever could have imagined.

I hope everyone has a great week!!