Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lessons 8 & 9

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Lessons 8 & 9:

  • Lesson 8: The Family Under Stress
  • Lesson 9: Communication & Mutual Respect

In lesson eight we discussed different stresses that a family can encounter. Some examples of this are a death of a close family member or of an immediate family member, a move, divorce, or an illness in the family. Each of these things can affect the family unit in various ways. It can either bring the family closer together through the trial or pull them apart. The most healthy way to deal with stress within the family is to deal with it together. Everybody takes things and handles stress differently. A difficult matter should be handled as a growing experience to help one another in the family and a learning opportunity to comfort.

In lesson nine we go more over proper communication tactics in families. We discussed how important tone and nonverbal communication really is. You know when you were a kid and your mother would give you that dread 'look' of disapproval if you didn't do something that she asked you to do? Well that is a perfect example of nonverbal communication. Body language is also important to express how we are feeling. It is best to learn while you are young what all of these forms of communication are. Always have respect in the things you do and the things you say.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lessons 6 & 7

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Here's what I learned...

Lesson 6:Transitions in Marriage
Lesson 7: Sexual Intimacy & Family Life

     Marriage is a huge commitment, let's face it. Transitioning from just taking care of yourself to working as a team and being a partner in mostly everything you do can be quite a challenge. I believe that the rewards greatly outweigh the challenges though. A healthy and happy marriage can bring a lifetime of joy and love.Transitioning to a parent is also a major change in marriage. The needs of the spouse then turn to the needs of the child or children. This can affect the marriage too. The husband, or even sometimes wife, can feel neglected if too much attention is given to the new child. This can loosen the bonds between husband and wife and cause a lack in intimacy, both verbal and physical.
     In lesson 7 we learned that being intimate doesn't just mean being physical, it's more of an emotional expression. Being verbally intimate is very important in a marriage. Telling your spouse how much you care for them, how they help you out, how much you love them, etc, is very beneficial for a strong and healthy marriage. As far as the physical aspects go it is important to express your love through physical connections with your spouse. It is important to save this act for marriage because 1.) it makes it more special and 2.) your virginity should be taken seriously. It shouldn't be passed around for everyone to use. You only have one "first time" so make it count. It's also sacred, for all of those Christians out there like me.

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