Saturday, August 4, 2012

About Me

I started this blog because I have a passion for art, the beauty of nature, photography, and especially fashion. I hope you all enjoy a little taste of my life.

The name’s Hayley. I’ve traveled pretty much everywhere in my short teenage life, including Europe, but to me, no place is better than home. Bred in Texas I will always have a little bit of southern sass in me. Where I live now I consider my home sweet home. I am in my first year of college and after I graduatemy dreams are to become a designer of sorts. I have always enjoyed recreating things that have otherwise gone unloved. I have a great love for sewing and began working a machine early on in junior-high. It’s probably not surprising when I say that my favorite class is Home Ec.

I look forward to blogging with you!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Black Floral Dress

A friend of mine recently gave me a black floral dress from a thrift store. I really enjoyed the pattern so I decided to 'flip' it into something much cuter.


So, as you can see the before was atrocious. But I saw potential, as I do in most hideous thrift store dresses. The top portion of the dress seemed hopeless, the shoulder pads had to go. I cut off the entire upper portion and just left the bottom, skirt part together. The skirt has pockets which always gets me happy because pockets in a skirt are hard to come by, especially in a thrift store dress. The waist also already had elastic in it which gave me an idea.
Changes I made:
  • No more Zipper
    • On the back was a zipper. I folded excess fabric over it then sewed it over to cover it up.
  • Hemmed
    • I cut off all of the frays from what was once the waist band and hemmed it.


Style One:
Thank you elastic! When I finished doing all of the alterations I pulled the skirt on over my head, got it over my body then thought to myself, "Hey, this looks pretty cute", but boxy. So I simply put a thin black belt around the waist to add shape.
Style Two:
The maxi skirt. It has returned. At first I was weary of what it might look like on me because I have a longer torso and shorter legs but, after a lot of asking around and trying on other maxis in the mall, I fell in love. I paired a bright pink tank with it to bring out the pink flowers in the skirt.