Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SPED class: Week 14

Remember when I said that last week was the last week of this class? Well I lied. It's this week. 
Not really much to say about this week. The main thing that we did was work on a case study about a potentially learning challenged child. The main points/objectives for the week were:

  • A sensitivity to the needs of and compassion for those with special needs.
  • A multidisciplinary view of exceptionality, cultural differences, individual and family dynamics, poverty, and abuse
To just sum up my experience in this class I'd just like to say that it was not easy. There were many days when I felt confused with the set-up of the computer software and due dates in the beginning. Overall though the general layout made more sense to me once I got used to it. The group that I got assigned to work with was really good and very beneficial to my learning. My only real beef with this class was that we did a lot of case studies. I do not feel that that was very beneficial to me. I would personally like to have seen more assignments that would teach us about special education, the history of it, and primarily how to teach for it. We had a little bit of that, mostly from the textbook, but I just wish the class was more focused on that. It felt more like it was a giant court case study. I wish there were opportunities to work with children with disabilities.To actually get out in the field and to see how to teach them. I guess mostly it's just trial and error.  

Anyhow, overall an ok class. Online has never been my favorite and it probably never will. Face to face interaction will over trump the latter. Thank you to those 5 people from my class that may or may not be reading this blog post! It's been a pleasure letting you know what I've learned:)

I hope each and every one of you has a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy New Year!! 

Catch ya on the flip side;P

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